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Creative Film Nights


Date: Thursday, June 6, 2024

Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Location: Korean Cultural Center, Yas Creative Hub, Abu Dhabi


After last year's incredible screenings with the Korean Cultural Center, we are thrilled to bring you fresh themes featuring Emirati and Korean short films.

Gather with us for a “Family” themed cozy movie night featuring:

  • From Arab Film Studio: an Emirati documentary “Why is my Grandfather's Bed in our Living Room? by Director Sarah Alhashimi (Arab Film Studio alumni).

About the film: A short documentary tells the story of an Emirati family that lost their ancestral house to community development plans aimed at modernizing the city. As they recall the sudden loss of the family house, it is apparent that a century-old wooden bed, which is the only tangible memory that remains, is a poignant feature of their story. The attachment of both the house and the bed are intertwined together in the bittersweet memories of the family members.

  • From Korean Cultural Center: a Korean short film “Sproutby director Yoon Ga-eun.

About the film: the family preparing for their grandfather’s ancestral offering forgot to buy bean sprouts. A child gets lost on her way to the market. She ends up in a house of an old man in a straw hat. That night on the ancestral offering table, she puts a sunflower she got from the old man.

We are excited to see you there and can't wait to have you join us for some quality family time!

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